Um labirinto feito de amigos silenciosos, em Londres

Amei esta ideia dos artistas brasileiros Marcos Saboya e Gualter Pupo, A-‘amazing’ labyrinth, um labirinto feito de 250 mil livros que pode ser percorrido até ao dia 25 de Agosto no The Southbank Centre em Londres.

‘a labyrinth of fake entrances, exits that exit, straight curves, straight lines, overturned abysses, brittle sand stones, blunt edges, filled holes, evident secret pathways, compressed stars, wide valleys, unbridgeable straits, blinding thick rain, longitudinal sea currents, invisible avalanches, still winds, inaudible requests, mislaid sentences, in a dark pyramid, as tall as a chasm, as deep as the sky, without echoes, smooth at touch, worn out by weary fingers, which point to the nothing, which is near, and has always been’.

mais aqui.